Under Cover Coaster Series

“For every man there are three cities...the city of his birth, the city he loves, and the city where he must live.”*-Alan Furst

Put a functional memento of your favorite city on your table with a manhole cover in the form of a cork coaster. Each 4" diameter coaster replicates a real manhole from a city permanently etched into cork. Four unique coasters per set. All designed, produced and packaged sustainably in Philadelphia, PA. Enjoy beautiful graphic urban design that is often overlooked, yet always underfoot.

Coaster series include the following:

Philadelphia Phever: Bell, Peco, Septa & KT Co

NYC Streets Series: NYC Sewer, Cornell’s, Manhattan, Jacob’s or Croton

European Grand Tour: London, Paris, Berlin & Rome

USA coast to coast: NYC, Philly, Chicago & LA

Northeast Corridor: Boston, NYC, Philly & DC

DC Display: All DC: Rotary, APRR, Coal & 1891

Copenhagen Kloakdaeksler: Tivoli, Elephants, Hofor & Metro

Toronto The 6ix: 1889, BTCo, wTw & Star

London Calling: London, Camden Town, Hayward’s & Thames

Scandinavian Sojourn: Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm & Helsinki

Iberia: Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla & Lisbon

Viva L’Italia: Roma, Milano, Firenze & Venezia

The Great White North: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa & Vancouver

Random Jet Set: Amsterdam, Budapest, Gdansk, Tokyo

European Emigrants: Thessaloniki, Athens, Kristiansand, Bremerhaven