Tips for New Dads

No matter how "ready" you think you are, after having a child you quickly realize that you are not prepared. This is especially the case for fathers. During that first month, fathers' roles are fairly limited. The mother runs the show and the father's job is to do what is asked of them. After that period, fathers become more needed to directly care for the child.

The Tips for New Dads book, which can be downloaded here, is a guide based on real life experiences. The DIY book offers advice that makes new fathers look like heroes, avoid potential disasters and makes them look like they know what they are doing.

We recommend that you print both sheets on 60lb paper or heavier for the right feel. Just score along the dashed lines and cut on the center solid line, fold each page into a pinwheel and glue the blank sides in page order. Seems complex, but it's really not. If you use the guide, let us know how it is working or if you want us to add a tip.