Juanita, 69. Mother of 11 children, Grandmother of 60, Great-Grandmother of 26.

Arlen, 80. Former boxer

C.J., 69. Former bouncer for Frank’s Bar & Cultural Anthropologist

Elton, 59. Pianist & Drummer

Julia, 71. Former paralegal

Leslie, 72 Left home at the age of 13, “because I was 21 at the age of 13.”

Annie, 66. Former young adult mental health case manager

Thomas, 70 Former blood technician at the V. A. Hospital

Reverend Muse, 81. Former Union representative

Janette, 73. Retired 23 year housekeeper for one family

Joyce, 60. “I know my mother’s hands. She was a hairdresser & my father
was a carpenter.”

Ruth, 90 Worked at the Philadelphia Naval Yard on a carrier during the war.