Passive Play

Most parks and playgrounds have numerous active play features such as swing sets, jungle gyms, see saws, etc. However, can children be engaged by non-active play components? Passive Play seeks to provide an intellectual play addition within existing playground settings.

Utilizing existing perimeter paving, curbs and peripheral zones, graphics sit quietly and await the curious eye. Graphics include board games such as Mancala, chess, checkers, Chinese checkers among others. Play pieces may be brought or preferably scavenged. Sticks and stones that can be creatively fashioned to make the game as they please.

Other graphics include the flora and fauna of the area where labeled leaves are shown to create a game of match and learn. Parents can be engaged as well through I-Spy scenarios.

Graphics are applied similar to memorial stones using custom scaled stencils. Smith Playhouse will be the first venture for Passive Play.