It's serious. It's fun. It's seriously fun. It's three things in one: a hamper, a workout and a transporter. The Laundry Punch Bag hangs and feels like a boxing bag, but acts as a container for dirty laundry and as a carrier to the laundromat. A great way to work out your home chore frustrations too!

Using an incentive-based design, the concept was to create a product that encourages people to keep their soiled laundry off the floor and furniture, while simultaneously providing an opportunity to work out their frustrations. Additionally, the product does not occupy valuable floor real estate. When hung, the product uses an area within the domestic setting that is usually unoccupied. While the product can work for all, the Laundry Punch Bag is aimed at young males, which is a demographic that is often overlooked in soft goods.

RethinkTANK llc has been investigating incentive-based design as a means to encourage change in social behavior. Most people, despite their best efforts, are not altruistic. Thus, to alter behavior, in this case keeping a room more clean, an incentive must be provided. Additionally, the product encourages physical fitness due to its resonant form and orientation. The more laundry that goes in, the more dense the form becomes. The density affords the workout, while announcing its readiness to be taken to the laundromat. Lastly, the novelty of a hung product takes advantage of a volume of space readily available in any typical bedroom/dorm room.

Observations were made of how people transport their laundry to the laundromat. Hours were spent talking with all potential user demographics in laundromats. Inquiries were made about where they stored their laundry, how they it transported to and from the Laundromat, and how they feel about their current methods. Most young males were observed to use trash bags that often split. The awkwardness of carrying most mesh polyester laundry sacks was highly evident. When inquiries were made about the transporting of laundry, many complained about how the thin ropes of their existing carriers dug into their hands and how it was not easy to carry them the several blocks to a laundromat, or via public transportation. Significantly, most people complained about doing the chore entirely. That frustration was met by the wishful notion to "hit the bag" as a physical manifestation of the chore.

The Laundry Punch Bag endeavors to bring a smile to the routine chore of doing the laundry. Additionally, through incentive, it encourages a cleaner living environment. A cleaner space, psychologists suggest, lowers stress. However, if final exams, term papers, semester-long studio projects, and failing relationships increase your stress, the Laundry Punch Bag is there for a release. In the end, the product embodies and lightens the physical and psychological load of the entire chore at a cost less than a typical hamper, boxing bag, and transporter combined. Who wouldn't want that?

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