Divine Sanctuary

The Divine Sanctuary is a proposal to convert a significant, neglected structure into a "city of memories." This columbarium will be a place for urbanites to memorialize and grieve their deceased loved ones in a personal and contemporary way. It will activate an urban neglected asset by giving life through the celebration of death.

The Divine Sanctuary will transform the way urban Americans perceive the funerary industry and will bring that industry into the 21st century.

Cremation is the foremost rising trend in funerary services for a multitude of reasons. Primarily, the economy is the driver, followed by customization options, land use concerns and funerary preferences, such as religion and philosophy. At the moment, basic cremation services can be had for as little as $800. The cremains are strewn per the whim of the recipient and/or deceased.

The Divine Sanctuary creates a demand for a proximal place of rest in a 21st-century atmosphere. The preserved building lends the project prestige, history, charm, stature and community. Urbanity keeps one closer to the deceased versus the distant cemeteries of today. Its design is accepting of impromptu and personal memorials. Customization from the service to the interment is the standard. It is a mirror of the city itself with its neighborhoods, blocks, vistas and landmarks. No option exists like it. Hence all funerary services are provided for within one protected historic city structure.

When someone passes we lose a part of our community. Their burial often happens outside of the city and subsequently, we lose the connection. The urban fabric in which we live represents all of us; from its quilt of neighborhoods, cultural institutions and buildings. While we are all different we are all part of this urban collective.

This building is the sanctuary where affordable cremation, interment and ceremony will occur. This secular institution accommodates all cultures funerary needs. Each customized placement will be set in perpetuity in a historically preserved building. The setting provides contemplative perspectives amongst a shared urban setting. In addition to the funerary art created by varying artisans, the space will be filled with a changing curation of contemporary art. This adds further life and renews each visit.

The Divine Sanctuary preserves their legacy, close to where we live, to rest in peace in a place that is dear to all of us.

A protected historic building that will allow us all to share in their memory.