Collab Cake Server

What is an award? Traditionally, an award is a symbol of achievement in the form of a ribbon, trophy or monetary compensation. Often these physical tokens sit on a shelf and collect dust as an objet d’art.

Collab is an organization dedicated to sharing great design. Therefore, it is only natural for the board to request an award that not only marks accomplishment, but can provide a real function as well. Working with acclaimed designer Doug Bucci, board member and designer Jason Lempieri proposed an object that is brought out for celebrations: the cake server. Lempieri and Bucci collaborated to design a unique cake server made of 3D printed stainless steel. The handle, bearing Bucci’s signature honeycomb pattern borne from his research into cellular formations, floats around a liquid silver, honey-like flow which spills into a stretched hexagonal spade. Bucci meticulously hand-meshed and honed the components into a sweet reminder of accomplishment every time it is put to use.

The 2016 Collab Award recipients were Oki Sato (not pictured,) Faye Toogood, & Zanini de Zanine