Cache Table

How to accommodate multiple daily routines at the center of family life?

The dining table for many households serves multiple purposes during the day and is occasionally formally dressed for special events. A daily routine may consist of morning breakfast, afternoon homework and evening meals. Special events include parties where all may dine or where items are placed for a buffet. The cache table seeks to serve as a flexible home base for all these activities.

The crux of the Cache table is the central storage zone. Here cords for morning phone charging are stored. Adjacent holes allow passage for laptop cords for homework. Additionally, a planter nests within for a “Central Park” display during evening meals. Another nested container awaits ice for a six-pack of beer or wine and champagne if so desired. For a more formal occasion where twelve are seated, the adjacent holes are sized perfectly for tall candlesticks and the central section can be covered flush to serve as a trivet.