Cache Hardware

How to make use of space between kitchen island cabinets?

The typical kitchen island is either 39” or 50” deep to accommodate back-to-back cabinets. Outlets for everyday use are relegated to obtrusive backsplashes that ruin the clean surface of a central island. Items for daily use such as cleaning supplies, knives, cooking spoons, etc. are often relegated to under the sink, in ugly standing blocks or menacingly dangling from the wall in the case of knives or stowed above like an odd chandelier of cookware as a poor simulacrum of a commercial kitchen. But what if a minimalist aesthetic is desired where items are accessible, but unobtrusive?

Utilizing a planned gap between cabinets, thereby increasing counter space, all of the aforementioned items are stowed and accessed when needed. A simple analogue bit of pressure rotates a section of countertop to reveal cleaning supplies just beyond the sink, cooking spoons and an electrical outlet beyond the preparation area and knives magnetically arranged behind the cooktop-well out of reach of children.

The method for ease of access is a custom designed Cache Hinge, which when asymmetrically placed allows for simple hand-pressure operation. The Cache Hinge has two flush bolt cylinders that bore through the countertop substrate and an integral stop. Thus, the lid is easily removed for servicing the storage areas and allows it to remain flush with the surrounding countertop. Patent pending.