Amelie's Bark Shop

How to alter a facade from 1960’s residential to a classic storefront?

Amelie’s Bark Shop & Bakery is located on Passyunk Square in South Philadelphia directly across from the renovated Singing Fountain. Passyunk Avenue was once a major commercial thoroughfare and has reemerged as a go-to destination for boutique shopping.

The facade was revamped from a pragmatic residential function to a classic “British” look. This was accomplished with well-proportioned tripartite storefront glass set within a subtle reveal below a new exposed channel with Landmark lettering. The circular signage structurally mounts to the channel and faces the Square for ideal exposure. Internally, the showcase of extraordinary baked pet treats greets customers and is viewable from the sidewalk. Keeping a tight-budget in mind, the existing masonry was reused to form the sill and entrance way. The owner’s pet dog, Amelie, climbs up a custom winder stair and sits at the sill admiring the activity on the Square.