Accordience is a secure vacant lot perimeter system that cleverly creates a dialogue by and for the local community.

Using a simple panelized system suspended between two rowhomes, community residents and local artists create unique segmented imagery that becomes whole when viewed in perspective. Hung, hinged panels are oriented at 45 degrees to the streetscape which creates a lenticular-like effect when moving past. Because of this orientation, two takes occur (coming and going) allowing a visual dialogue. The community can showcase local artistic talent through direct application, wheat pasting or shrink-wrap printing. The art can be from two artists simultaneously, (or done collectively) and be of illustrative and/or poetic nature.

Vacant lots are often a symbol of blight within cities and often are demarcated by pragmatic chain link fences or rudimentary barricades. Once in place, Accordience works emergently to express local culture. The local community schedules artists on their own. The system folds flat for easy art application and compresses for lot maintenance; like an accordion wall in an auditorium. Additionally, the structure of the system would add structural stability to adjacent rowhomes.

Many vacant lots are owned by the city and therefore would be welcome partners in this endeavor. Accordience is a repeatable system that can be implemented in any city neighborhood. It’s the applied art and resultant visual dialogue that makes each installation unique. with Kristin Heist