50 States License Plate game

Living in Center City, Philadelphia, we are constantly amazed by how the "birthplace of the nation" also seems to be the residence of the nation. Within two blocks of our studio we can count license plates from 23 states as a daily average. Our highest in one afternoon walk was 39.5. (D.C.) Turns out Arkansans do not get around much, but the elusive Hawaiians and even Alaskans do.

We thought making a checklist might be a fun activity for kids in strollers or bored children on long road trips. Thus, we made a periodic table of states in the order of their statehood. All 50 are represented along with spots for Washington D.C., Municipal, Government, Temporary. It's in Helvetica, of course.

Download the 50 States PDF here. There are two per letter sized sheet. We recommend printing double-sided for four. Drop us a note to tell us how it is working or if you've beaten our 24-hour record.